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ACME creative department can work on all aspects of an event no matter how big or small, from a simple e-flyer to a complete themed and decorated event.  Our designs can reflect the message you want to convey in an efficient and creative way.

From receiving an initial brief we can create a detailed and inventive concept that will suit all budgets and can range from print and multi-media services, graphic and illustration, production and set up.

Our services include, but not limited to:


Digital Elements

  •  Event e-flyers

  •  Flash banners

  •  Webpage designers

  •  Logos

  •  EDMs

  •  Advertisements

  •  Illustrators

  •  Journalism

Event Elements

  •  Foam Board Production

  •  Table Placements

  •  Custom made props

  •  Giveaways

  •  Signage

  •  Backdrops

Printed Elements

  •  Posters

  •  Event programs

  •  Brochures

  •  Invitations

  •  Tickets

  •  Magazines

  •  Written information

Concept & Design

Concept & Design

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