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Business Development Executive & Regional Coordinator

AC Music Entertainment Pte Ltd

Job Description:

  1. Liaising and coordinating with all regional managers

  2. To consolidate every quarter income statements and according contracts from each region

  3. Interested in Artiste Management job

  4. Have basic knowledges about contracts and accounts in Mandarin Chinese

  5. Able to help in concert and have basic marketing knowledges


  1. Excellent work attitude and ethics

  2. Ability to work independently and in team

  3. Good oral and written communication skills

  4. Have basic knowledges in MS Office Applications

  5. Bilingual in Mandarin and English as need to coordinate with Mandarin speaking region managers

  6. 5 days work week

  7. Preferably 1-2 years’ working experiences

  8. PR & Singapore Citizen Only

To Apply

Interested applicants kindly send your CV, and Resume to


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